Become a Part of the Solution!

We are members in the Program / Mission, Recylce for Water! By collecting plastic bottles and aluminum cans, we then cash in and team with others to help those in need of clean, safe, drinking water.

We team with Living Water international in Saving Lives thru helping to provide clean water! Bear Creek Water, a Ministry of Bear Creek Community Church! Through recycling efforts, we help to cover the cost of digging wells in third world countries.

You too can help by collecting plastic bottles and aluminum cans throughout the week and bringing them on Sundays to the Bear Creek Water drop off conveniently located next to Portable C – at Bear Creek Community Church – 11171 N. Lower Sacramento Rd. A Bear Creek Water volunteer will be standing ready to unload your recyclables before and after each service. Thru recycling, we have helped to drill over 90 wells in the last 9 years.

Please help! Contribute your recyclables or volunteer 1 Sunday a month.