Did you know that nearly 1 billion people suffer needlessly without access to safe water? We’re convinced this can change – one village at a time. It’s incredibly important work, and we need your help.

Everything begins with water. Safe water can ultimately transform lives! Each year, more than 840,000 are estimated to die from diarrhea as a result of unsafe drinking-water, sanitation, and hand hygiene. And 2.4 billion people still lack access to improved sanitation, technologies such as flush toilets, piped sewers, or even a ventilated pit latrine. Water sources need to be kept safe and free of fecal contaminants. Waterborne parasites such as roundworm, whipworm, and hookworm impact children’s ability to attend school thus limiting their potential. Only 69 percent of schools world-wide have adequate water access. With safe water access near every school, even on-site, kids can remain and be in class. Women and children, on the average, spend 200 million hours every day collecting water, and often water that’s already contaminated.

Every dollar invested in safe water and sanitation yields $4 in health care savings, improved health, and time saved.

Please help by contributing your recyclables or volunteering 1 Sunday a month.